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Keeping Busy!

Since I haven’t written in a while, I just wanted to check in to let you know things have been crazy busy! Working on – a website for an up-and-coming PR business in NY, as well as, featuring the concept art of Rebecca Shapiro. Check out her blog at

I have also been working on projects for Astor & Black and Swiss Stays, the results of which you should see shortly.  The work includes package design, technical illustration, and web design.

I just finished the website for which is in the process of being programmed right now, as well as the catalog for their yearly charity auction. This project was done with Starcity Media.

And these are just the projects I can tell you about. :) There’s other really exciting stuff going on that I hope to be able to share with you soon!

These are just little snippets for now! I should have a slew of things to post in a bit, but just wanted to keep you in the loop!


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